Webinar "Circular Economy: new developments in Apparel and Textile"

Event agenda

From aspiration to operation

What are viable, operational possibilities between marginal reduction of waste and full business model transformation?

For all the right reasons, there is a lot of momentum about the circular economy: potential benefits are sustainability improvements, reduction of supply and price change risk, lowering the cost of products, and new business models altogether.

While it’s easy to agree with its principles of a regenerative and restorative economy, it’s harder to put things into practice. For existing or larger companies, transitioning to a circular economy model can be costly and feel impractical, as the infrastructure for returning products for reuse is lacking and different materials within a product can be difficult to separate.

Presented by Makersite’s CE expert Gerrard Fisher, this webinar considers why CE must focus on customers first to develop a genuinely more profitable and more circular business.
We will discuss benefits and potential challenges for business using examples from the apparel and textile industry.

In this fast-paced 45min webcast, you’ll learn
  • How companies are applying the principles of the circular economy to their business.
  • How new competitors are emerging in traditional industries
  • New performance metrics
  • How to use CE to lock customers into your offer.
  • Understand the factors that defend your offer against competitors – and how to maximize them.
  • How Makersite can support your pathway to ‘circularity’ in practical stages – from data and tools to model material alternatives and waste reduction to expertise for full business model transformation.

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Mr Gerrard Fisher

Makersite Expert for Circular Economy and Electronics.
Gerrard loves working on waste reduction and full business model change – helping businesses create more value, profit, and stability by embracing the circular economy. His background is in manufacturing, business management, resource efficiency and circular business models.

Mr Christoph Wilfert

Christoph is an entrepreneurial technology executive. Before co-founding Makersite, he was CEO of thinkstep, held executive positions with Education First, Microsoft, and Siemens and was involved with multiple technology start-ups. Christoph is a German national and holds degrees from business schools in France and Germany, and an MBA from Middlebury College, USA.